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°ºQuarto de Meninaº°
No meu blog você não vai encontrar "Goodies" nem "For you". Este é um blog pessoal, onde conto um pouquinho da minha vida de menina e mulher.^^"


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1 Val

Stationery for Outlook Express, Vista Mail and Incredimail, Blinkies, Tags, Globes, Midi Files all free to download. Many other pages of interest - Australia, Travels, Disney and much more! Frequent Updates!

12 12494
2 Sweet Missy

Personal site with Dolls, DressUp Games, Pixels, AIM Icon, Blinkies, Buttons, Divider, Glitter Graphics, Cute Goodies and Graphic Generators.

1 6278
3 BubblesSOC

Blog + Goodies + Bubs = FUN!

0 7380

Tabulas weblog!

0 4421
5 Dear Blossom

Personal site with cute graphics, pixels, blank buttons, tutorials etc...

0 4431
6 Star-Otaku

Star-Otaku is a website that offers free icons, stamps, blogs, funny videos from youtube, and more! Join today!

0 3218
7 Mysterious Beauty

Awesome anime/non-anime avatars, graphics, and layouts.

0 4936
8 Bouncy Bubbles.Net

A cute personal site with tons of goodies and tutorials for you!

0 11584
9 Happy Watermelon

~*~*Just a little graphics site that is growing bigger all the time*~*~

0 4258
10 F a n t a s i z e d   D r e a m s   B B S

A fun unique and creative forum with many friendly people, games, oekaki, radio, contests, and a lot of fun things! We have freebies, avatars, and many themes to choose from! JOIN US NOW! ^^ You know you want to! *click*

0 4576
11 Fluffyland!

A cute and fluffy site!

0 6833

Personal site featuring my own art work, pixels, emoticons, games and other goodies!

0 7434
13 All Things Kawaii

The site dedicated to everything cute, mainly focusing on Japanese designs and characters. Check out the rather large links directory of fun, kawaii sites intended for a general audience.

0 5991
14 Pachamama Productions

Arts & Crafts

0 3803
15 Virtual Simplicity

A personal site with content and give aways for visitors.

0 3350
16 Another sexy bitch and moan

My name is Pink Flamingo (no,really) As it says, I a,m a sexy bitch having a moan. Alternatively just a bored SAHT - stay at home :o) Oh and I like pink.

0 3926
17 Nagareboshi

A personal site but also stuff for the visitor! =D

0 3778
18 Graphics Fo Sho

Graphics Fo Sho has many different types of graphics from anime to just anythin! We have a kind and wonderful staff who is very talented. we do blinkies, banners, avatars, blogs, and more graphics.

0 3417
19 Mokarta Graphic

Site of graphic, resources gratis, tutorial psp, resources psps e photoshop

0 2613
20 Candi-Kitten

Just your normal personal site, just I include the visitors in on the fun!

0 3513

CARAMELLO DESIGNS "A taste of perfection"

0 2509
22 Magic Shop

Magic Shop is a Turtle Shell project. They will be pixels, artwork, and much more posted around. The site will grow as time flies! Every visit, comment, and email counts. Your every word and presence means a ton.

0 1478
23 Mewmew-Bus.Org

A Fun BBS where you can make friends, ask questions, and exchange graphics, and much more.

0 3850
24 knörmelchen

schmörmels !! photo impact graphics,fotos,NEW : INCREDIMAIL -letterstyles,skins

0 5156
25 Oh-Bebe.Net

Pixels, fun blog, contests, and more!

0 4754
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